Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Corel Painter 12 Full Version

Corel Painter 12 Full Version is a software that can be used to make traditional painting with Digita technology. In addition to the features of Corel Painter that supports traditional paintings on the PC, do not worry about the digital features of modern painting (Newest) which combines some of the effect is sufficient to facilitate your painting hobby or profession as a painter. After I discussed earlier about CorelDRAW X5 Full Version, on this occasion will give link masterkreatif.com Free Download Corel Painter 12 Full Version for free.

Actually, quite a lot of software whose function is not much different with this software, but Corel Painter 12 which I personally think is better than any other similar software. For those of you who might wish to become a painter, but you are hampered by money problems, Corel Painter 12 is what might be able to realize your dreams. Simply put, this application is designed for artists who provide facilities such as brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors, etc.

The Features of Corel Painter 12 :
  • Progressive digital art capabilities
  • Breakthrough brush developments
  • Customize to your liking
  • Designed for unlimited experimentation
  • Perfect complement to other popular software & hardware
Minimum Requirements :
  • Wind. 7/ Vista/ XP (32 and 64 bit) or  Mac X 10.5/ 10.6 of Operating System  
  • 1 GHz of Processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 600 MB of Free HDD Space
  • 1280 x 800 of Screen Resolution
Screenshots :

The following pictures are made ​​with Corel Painter 12 :

For those interested, Download Here  :

Latest version available, download Corel Painter X3 v13.0.0.704 Full Keygen here

Download Corel Painter 12 Full Version

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Anonymous said...

ini password key activatornya apa? yg lain kaga dipassword kok yg ini ada ya.. tolong dicek.. udah donlod.. activation nya ga bisa di extract

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Pass : www.masterkreatif.com Keterangan lain Ada di RAR Comments

Anonymous said...

oh sori bang.. ane kurang cermat.. udah ketemu pass nya.. ternyata ada di dalem rar-an nya ya.. haha.. trims2.. mantab..

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Sama-sama, makasih telah berkunjung

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.
But I dont know much about key.
install first and run key.exe after, right?...

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Install Corel First, then Open Corel and Open Keygen (you can generate the Key)

Use the Phone Corel to do the activation
Further information can be obtained from Corel

Anonymous said...

Urggggh keygen gave me a virus!

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Read our FAQ Here (http://www.masterkreatif.com/p/faq.html)

Энхтүвшин said...

installation code??? pls pls

prakal said...

Hi sir,.
what is the password for the RAR-file(key and activator) pls advise me..

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Энхтүвшин : find it on Phone Corel
@ prakal : www.masterkreatif.com

Anonymous said...

what is the password for the RAR-file(key and activator) pls advise me..

Anonymous said...

activation key thing is locked!

Anonymous said...

worked for me :)) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gimana caranya aktifkan corel nya?

ณรงค์ กองเงินคำ said...

so good so goog for art

Soulless dark said...

After I install it I double-click the icon but nothing happens. The program won't start at all :( any advice?

Anonymous said...

didint work