Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kwitansi dan Nota Digital [ KwitNot ]

Berbicara tentang Perkembangan teknologi di abad 20 ini, sangatlah pesat. Ketika kita melihat beberapa puluh tahun yang lalu, dalam mengerjakan sesuatu katakanlah menghitung sangatlah cukup untuk menghabiskan waktu yang terbuang percuma.
KABAR GEMBIRA! Kali ini, saya akan memberikan kemudahan dalam proses pembuatan Kwitansi dan Nota Digital yang saya beri nama KwitNot.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Data Back

Get Data Back is a Software (Runtime Software) return of missing data at the time hardisc formatted, lost data due to accidentally erased even as it exposed to the virus.

Get Data Back Recover Able to perform with the support of the FAT (16/32) and NTFS include :

Norton Recovery Tools

Norton Recovery Tools are designed by by Symantec, is a combination of two separate applications. Norton Recovery Tool of Power Eraser Norton and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. Both applications are designed to assist in the recovery of the original padakeadaan PC.

Windows Recover Wizard

The terms and weaknesses to be able to do the Restore system / data in the Windows Recovery Wizard is a configuration terlebihdahulu System Protection before it can do the restoration. Only Operatign System Partition is automatically configured during installation and for the other part must be done manually. Once qualified, then restoration can be done.


Restoration in computer terms is a step perngembalian system or data. Done when users want a system in a state of Fatal Error returned to normal / Returns data that is lost due to virus activity / misapplication.

TUNE UP 2011 > Disk Doctor

TuneUp Disk Doctor allows users in the diagnosis of problems such as Bad Sector Disk etc. To facilitate reading in data, Microsoft has put the file system within a sector.

TUNE UP 2011 > Fix Common Problems

Fix Common Problems serves to reset the settings to the file / system that has been modified, either by the activity of a virus or a careless user activity. Some of the features supported include: Problems relating to Installation, Visual Styles, File Association (File or Folder can not be opened) Example: The application type (*. exe) can not be on the run etc.


Troubleshooting has supported some of the diagnostics related software and hardware that can automatically make improvements to the problem. An example problem with Network, Hardware and Tools tool (Driver), Carrying capacity of a software / hardware.

Task Manager

Task Manager (Manager Job System) with it, the user to easily monitor the work computer Interface Applications (Running Process, Not Respoding the [Tab-Application]), Non-Interface (Process and Use of Memory, Monitoring of a process that the suspect in the [Tab-Processes and the Tab-sevice]), (Looking at the performance of hardware on the [Tab-performance & Tab-Netwroking]) and [Tab-Users] administrator to monitor user's login and Non-Active (Special multiuser).

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore is a Microsoft application that is designed to allow users to perform Backup (Copy Systems / Data) and Restore (Returns System / Data) It is easy. Backup data can be stored in the FDD, HDD, CD and floppy disk. Repair System / Data in the backup can be done with the Backup and Restore Tolls. Not only systems that can backup but the data in another partition is also capable in the backup and restore.


Check Disk function to do the checking (Diagnosis) HDD (Hard Disk Drive). When there is Bad Sector (Damaged Space) in the disk, then the task of Check Disk is to restore the damaged sectors that can still be dealt with such Software. In addition, Check disk capable of Recovery data contained in the bad sectors into Avaliable Disk Space (Space is still good).

REPARATION COMPUTER (Perawatan Komputer)

Windows Operating System has been providing Reparation Tools or tool to make improvements to the system. Among them: Check Disk, Backup and Restore, Task Manager and Troubleshooting. Reparation Process required when there is Fatal Error (problem) related to software and hardware.

TUNE UP 2011 > Drive Defrag

TuneUp Drive Defrag is a facility that is provided to perform Maintenance TuneUp Utilities. The concept works, just like the Disk Defragment (© Microsoft). Which utilizes pememecahan ago sector menggabungan sector that has broken down again in a location without a hitch Free Space Location. TuneUp Drive Defrag has the edge in the field of acceleration which requires only a matter of minutes to complete Defragment.

TUNE UP 2011 > Startup Optimizer

TuneUp Startup Optimizer is a tool for the acceleration when the OS starts and when the OS closes.

TuneUp Startup Optimizer recommends not to run automatically (Auto Start / Auto Play) an application in the startup of an application that will slow the startup process. Such as, applications that are not needed.

TUNE UP 2011 > Shortcut Cleaner

TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner is a tool to eliminate data format (*. lnk) that Locationnya File not found (Broken Shortcut). Location deletion in History Lists, Start Menu, Desktop, Quick Launch Bar and Last Used. Good for pengiritan Disk Space on Hard Disk Drive.

TUNE UP 2011 > Registry Defrag

TuneUp Registry Defrag is able to record back to a Windows database that is still functioning and remove the bad data / Broken. TuneUp Registry Defrag will optimize the performance of hardware with: Reducing Fragment => Throw out nonessential data, Repairing Structural Defect => Repairing Damaged Data Structures, Memory Recovering Unused Space => Save the unused memory.

TUNE UP 2011 > Registry Cleaner

Data Modification Process, Installation and uninstallation perform access (Creation, alteration, removal) against the master database of Windows (Registry). When an application in the clear, not all applications are in the clear to return the database. This resulted in the system command = False / Broken that slow computer performance. Registry Clean is useful to solve this problem.


Defragment disks serve to break up and rejoin the existing data on a disk sector. Among the formats supported for the defrag FAT (16/32), NTFS, RAW, and System Data Store. Defragment process is very useful for acceleration of work the computer, it is viewed from the disk before and after Defrag.


Disk Cleanup function to perform the elimination of unnecessary data (Temporary data) resulting from the use of the application, delete the data in the Recycle Bin, delete the file system that doubles the data Multiple Operating System, Downloaded File System in Windows Update or Windows Anytime Upgrade, which is the Thumbnails Original database to store data that the Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Change, Move & Delete. In the GUI can be seen on the Context Menu Strip (Properties).


Maintenance treatment or known in computer terms that is very important for the durability of the Software (the Software) and Hardware (Hardware).

Maintenance of their role (Softwaere) include: Maintenance System / File => (Removing Shortcut Brocken. Etc.), Maintenance Database => Registry Editor (Database System [exp: System.dat / User.dat etc].).


 A PC (Personal Computer) would not work without software vice versa.
In general, a modern operating system (Microsoft) has the following components:
- Management Process => Task Manager
- Management and Storage Memory => Disk Management (FDD, Floppy, Optical Drive (Driver))
- Management System I / O => Device Manager
- Management File => Database, Regedit etc.


Operating System is a liaison between the users of computers with computer hardware.
Operating System divided into two general categories:
1. DOS (Dirty Operating System) / QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System)
This type of interface is still difficult in use because when a user executes a command must first learn terlebuh Command Codes.