Monday, November 4, 2013

cFosSpeed 9.05 Build 2063 Full Trial Reset

cFosSpeed ​​9.05 Build 2068 Full Trial Reset is an Internet Accelerator. It increases your throughput and reduces your Ping. Every time you access the Internet with more than one data stream cFosSpeed can optimize the traffic. The program is attached as a device driver to the Windows network stack where it can then inspect seven layer packet and protocol analysis. Ping optimizer plus packet prioritization.
Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing the Internet traffic.

cFosSpeed 9.05 Build 2063 Full Trial Reset allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping. In this way, the necessary data is transmitted immediately before the less time-critical data. cFosSpeed 9 also reduces network congestion by reducing the download size of the TCP window to keep the sender from sending too much data at once.

Features :
  • Improve mobile Internet
  • Improve VoIP speech quality
  • Improve your Ping for online games
  • Keep your internet fast during heavy upload/download
  • Reduce audio/video streaming problems
  • Adjustable routes
  • Broadband (Cable and DSL)
  • Individual rules with filter language
  • L7 Protocol Analysis
  • LAN and WLAN
  • Mobile (UMTS, WIMAX, HSDPA, W-CDMA, WCDMA, CDMA, CDMA2000, 3G Mobile, HSCSD)
  • Multiple connections simultaneously
  • Narrow band
  • Prioritization of Programs
  • Router and Bridge-Mode
  • Router and dial-up connections
  • RTP/VoIP Detection
  • Several IP adresses per adapter
  • X and RX-Shaping
Screenshot :

Minimum Requirements :
  • Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Internet Connection
Download Here :

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