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In making trial software to full version, usually supplied Keygen, Crack, Patch, Activator, Serial or License. Here are some description and tips that might be useful for you.
  • Keygen
Keygen is a Key Generator which serves to get the Serial or License.
- Some Keygen, regarded as a virus, then you should disable ativirus to use it.
- Some Keygen require directory location where an application is installed.
  • Crack
Crack is an additional or replacement files to complement the shortcomings of an application.
- Crack will not work if an application to be made ​​into a full version still running, then use the Task Manager > End Task to terminate the process of an application.
  • Patch
Patches is a tool to cover up the lack of an application which is usually the most Antivirus (regarded as a virus)
- Most of the patches need to use Run As Administrator.
- Most of the patches require a directory location where an application is installed.
  • Activator
Activator is a tool to cover up the lack of an application which is usually the most Antivirus (regarded as a virus)
- Most of the Activator need to use Run As Administrator.
- Most of the Activator require a directory location where an application is installed.
  • Serial and License
Serial or License is a code to unlock the features of an application.
Very Important :

In order for applications that have been made full version remains safe and can be used, use the following tips :

Block programs to accessing Internet with a Firewall (Not for applications that require an internet connection to be able to use it) or add the local host name in the (...\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) by using Notepad

Example :
  • www.activator-site.com
  • activator-site.com
All passwords to open the archive application here is www.masterkreatif.com. Except, when I put a password on the post.

In the meantime, we only provide solutions for existing problems. If you have a problem or other solution, please leave your question or solution on the Comment Form.


Anonymous said...

Why cant I download

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Please include a bad link!

Anonymous said...

What is the code of the keygen file?

masterkreatif.com said...

@ Anonymous : Read our FAQ

Anonymous said...

hola tengo que tener instalada la version lite de connectify o no ???? gracias , no sé nada del tema

Anonymous said...

tell me the license key of acdsee pro 5 plz plz

Anonymous said...

is not working..with PhotoInstrument...I've tried but I'm not very sure what words should I add to the hosts file!!!
I've added this: www.activator-photoinstrument.com /or: www.activator-www.photoinstrument.com /or: www.activate.photoinstrument.com /or: www.photoinstrument.com

...and is not working with any of this... :((

If you have any idea what shoul I do... Thank you!

masterkreatif.com said...

@ April 2, 2012 8:29 PM : The explanation above only an examples

[] is code to block a URL

Examples :

If I want to block a computer from accessing Adobe activation site, then the code is : register.abobe.com

Simply put: Depending on the activation URL of an application.

bobo said...

Thank you for the reply! I couldn't get it work! Thanks anyway!

moha elmo said...

Thank you very much for your great efforts

Anonymous said...

um Mr(i dont know your name) i have a problem i have avast internet security 7 avast community said i have an illegal copy of licence and stopped giving me updates. what should i do next???????

indobrainmaster said...

Mr. creatif, I have tried what you've suggested to me, but I was actually stuck on continuing the steps. I also have created free blog on blogger.com. would you mind giving any rules or instructions to guide me??

fact on my mind, I wanna go international like you..

Mohemed Al Azeem said...

pls give photoshop cs6 extended

Mohemed Al Azeem said...

plz do not share with letitbit plz share with JumboFiles

Anonymous said...

Not able to use keygen provided with GoodSync Pro 9?

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