Bootabling Flash Disk Drive Tutorial

Download Bootabling Flash Disk Drive TutorialBootabling Flash Disk Drive Tutorial

How to Make a Bootable Flash Disk Drive to install the operating system with ease – after I make your application that can be used to instal Notebook or for those of you who are confused to install the operating system while the optical drives you have are in disrepair or lost, then on this occasion I will give a tutorial how to Create a Bootable USB Flash Disk Drive to install the Operating System with ease.

Talking about how to Create a Bootable USB Flash Disk Drive, in fact many ways that you can use. The first one you can use the Command Prompt and use Diskpart facilities, and BootSect (Formating and Bootabling) and BootSect for (Bootabling) only, but this facility is only owned by the Windows Operating System only and more specifically Windows Vista or above.
On this occasion, I will give a tutorial or step-by-step how to build anything what Flash Disk Drive which you have to install a bootable Operating System.
Preparation :
  1. Nero or another application that is able to perform BackUp (Especially for those who have the Operating System on CD / DVD aka Not *. iso File Archive)
  2. Universal USB Installer
Steps :
  • Use Application BackUp suppose to do data retrieval from the CD / DVD
  • After the CD / DVD that contains the system operating successfully in the backup) into the *. iso file and save it on your Hard Disk, step you should do is :
  • Put Flash Disk Drive that correspond to the size of the data in the CD (Let-sized USB Flash Disk Drive 4 GB to install Windows 7)
  • Using a USB-Universal-Installer- :
  • Open USB-Universal-Installer-
  • Open USB-Universal-Installer- after the application is ready for use, select I Agree
  • Select Type of Operating System you are going to install (I’m using Linux Operating System)
  • The next step is to open the *. iso file that has previously existed or was made.

  • Select the FDD are you using my example using FDD in (D)
  • The final step, click Create
Good luck