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There are several ways “HOW TO GET MONEY FROM INTERNET.” but, before we understand about how to make money from the internet, it is good that we understand the following questions arise:
1. Is your blog or web we interesting? So that entice users to visit.
Well, The main thing to attract visitors is the content of the website or blog, like the article, tutorial, etc.

Having eliminated the above questions arise, then we think “how do we make money from internet”?. Here are some steps :
1. Advertising Program
Pay Per Click such as Google Adsense, AdBrite, Click I, Kampung Blogger, AdsenseCamp, PPCIndo, PPCMuslim and much more.
2. PPH / PPR (Pay Per Post / Pay Per Review)
PPP pays you, for every article you write on your own blog and certainly not a random article. Here are the PPP and PPR:
– Sponsoredreviews
Sponsoredreviews is a site broker paid review (review of pay) that will pay you to write a review (English only) orders them on the blog advertiser. For each review you will earn as much as 65% of the price review of approved advertisers. Commission is paid once every two weeks via PayPal.

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