Keylogger 3.5.8 Full Keygen

Keylogger 3.5.8 Full Keygen or often called as Keyloggers and MaxKeylogger is a software that can be used to monitor the keystrokes on the keyboard there. All results of monitoring data / records will be tracked and displayed on a log file located at Keyloger applications. With Keyloger you can easily to monitor all activities associated with a computer connected to the start of the Hardware or Network.

Not a few of the users Keyloger use it for evil. But I really hope you use this application to simply monitoring such as monitoring the child when using a computer, monitor your Special Friend or monitor activities of employees who work at your company. This application not only allows you to simply view the data just the keyboard presses but these applications are able to provide a screenshot monitor that recorded when the computer is running and of course the application in running state.
To further away, following exposure of MaxKeyloger 3.5.8 features :
  • Able to perform recording of each key is pressed as (user name and password)
  • Capable of recording time with a very precise
  • Able to Record all chats, instant messaging or voice chat
  • Able to Track every email sent and received
  • Monitor all websites visited by external users.
  • Review all actions on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
  • Review each image posted by the user PC
  • Review each file has been downloaded
  • Easy to find what has been a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Keep track of all websites visited etc.
Screenshots :

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