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Paypal is one Internet site that many of its consumer bank. No wonder, because paypal established since 1999 survey results from several sources, paypal users has more than 150 million users. This is because these companies more features and dukunga foremost was the availability of language that allows users to browse the site.

Talking about security, according to several sources among the few Internet Bank paypal more superior than others.
For those interested please follow the steps as follows:
     1. Register Here
     2. For those interested to do online pembelajaan in registering please Select Primary
     3. Once an account has been registered, do not forget to do the verification (E-Mail, Account / Credit Card)
     4. For those who want only to Verify Bank Account do not forget to prepare identity cards (driver’s license / ID card / Passport and Account Book of the scan in the form JPGG or GIF format)

To be continued …