Total Commander 8.0 Full Version

Download Total Commander 8.0 Full VersionTotal Commander 8.0 Full Version

Total CommanderAccompanied by a pretty cool atmosphere due to rain quite heavily this time I will share the software that can be used as a File Manager. Total Commander is a file manager which is quite famous for a variety of abilities as if you no longer need a few other complementary software such as Multimedia Player, Archive Manager (create, open, extract), opening a variety of image files and much more.

Besides some of the abilities that I have discussed earlier, Total Commander is also equipped with a built in ftp client that allows you directly to download / upload files in multiple threads, and other features that allow you to encoding / decoding and file cut/ paste, and more other functions necessary to work with the file.
Features :
  • Ability to change content plugin values of the fields in the dialog change the attributes
  • Ability to set different colors for the background files and folders
  • Displays the drive letter in the tabs
  • Easy user interface
  • Edit and sync manually when you compare files by content
  • Log file operations
  • The built-Lister appeared to display the cursor, centering the image and reduce the large images
  • Tool batch renaming of files you can edit the file names directly and many more.
Screenshots :
Total Commander 8.0

Requirements :
  • Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
  • No special requirements
Download Here :