WinSnap 4.5.3 Full Patch

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WinSnap 4.5.3 is the latest version, has a primary function as a screen capture tool that presented with high quality. WinSnap to easily capture a variety of objects that appear in the screen, you will be even easier to capture only the area popup menu, drop-down menus, context menus etc. that are not able to do other screen capture applications. In addition, WinSnap also comes with social sharing features.

What’s new in WinSnap 4.5?
  • Added “Center” direction for custom shadow effect
  • Added “Pen” tool which draws a smooth spline curve
  • Added “View” menu to customize UI appearance and style
  • Added ability to switch between native and custom shadow effects
  • Added presets and quick preferences for shadow and other effects
  • Added snapshot size info and current mouse position
  • Fixed initial capture when running from Windows 8 Start Menu
  • Improved support for Windows 8 Aero theme
  • New fully redesigned user interface and icons and many more.
  • Capture the entire screen, active window, window belonging to any program, selection capture, several independent windows and many more.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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WinSnap 4.5.3 Full Patch
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WinSnap 4.5.3 Full Patch