WinZip Pro 15.5.9579 Full Version

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WinZip Pro 15.5.9579 Full Version With Serial Number is the latest version released to the public by a company that began to explore WinZip Computing software world since the late 19th century, especially in the field of Software Archiving and Compression. Simply put, this software is the same as the latest version of WinRAR that I’ve shared to all colleagues.

WinZip 15.5 Last Version, provides some security features that is a great new algorithms as a tool for compression, maximizing process and improving some of the tools found in previous versions. Although this application is not able to make such a popular format (*. iso) but, this application is able to read the data contained in an archival form as Image Format (*. iso). For more details, here are some formats that are supported by WinZip :
  • Zip (*.zip)
  • Zipx (*.zipx)
  • RAR (*.rar)
  • 7Z (*.7z)
  • BZ2 (*.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2)
  • LHA/LZH (*.lha, *.lzh)
  • Cabinet (*.cab)
  • Disc Image (*.img, *.iso)
  • TAR (*.tar)
  • GZIP (*.gz, *.taz, *.tgz)
  • Compress (*.tz, *.z)
  • UUencode (*.uu, *.uue)
  • XXencode (*.xxe)
  • MIME (*.b64, *.mim)
  • BinHex (*.bhx, *.hqx), etc.
The basic features of WinZip :
  • Compress Files
  • Decompress Files
  • Encrypt Files
  • Share Files
  • Back Up Files
Screenshots :

Requirements :

  • Wind. 7/ Vista/ XP (32 and 64 bits) of Operating System